Kickstarter Projects

Why Kickstarter?

We launched our first product on Kickstarter in 2013 with the carbon fiber Flexy wallet. I say "we", but at the time it was really just me, with some part time help from my older brother and sometimes friends.

I shared an industrial shop on the east side of Tucson in those days, with another aspirational engineer-gone-entrepreneur. Crowdfunding was still a fairly new invention in 2013, and I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I was very interested.

When I talked about it with my former work mates, the conversation usually started with, "can you believe this [insert-the-blank] project actually got funded on Kickstarter!?" I saw a bunch of weird projects getting funded on Kickstarter. I remember that this one guy raised thousands of dollars to make a potato salad, or something along those lines. The sheer hilarity of it all aroused a healthy dose of curiosity in me. It also made me wonder if I was doing something wrong on the marketing front for my own business, because nobody ever paid me to make a potato salad. 

With that curiosity, and a bit of free time between projects, I decided to try my own hand at crowdfunding, as an experiment as much as anything. With that, our first product (and the Carbon Tactics brand) was born.