• How do I ensure I purchase the right size belt?

"Waist Size" is the distance around your waist, as measured through the belt loops of your pants. Note that your "waist size" is usually slightly larger than your Pants Size, partly because the belt has to wrap around your pants in addition to your waist, and partly because most pants are trying to make you feel a bit skinnier than you may actually be! All belts will be made longer than your waist size, to provide room for adjustment.

For double layer belts, the sizing is most critical. MEASURE YOUR WAIST WITH A TAPE MEASURE, THROUGH THE BELT LOOPS.

**Do not purchase a belt based off your pants size, it is not correct**


  • Will the belt fit my belt loops?

The Cipher, Epoch, Bezel and Ti Hook webbing (all variations) fit through all Kuhl™ brand clothing. If your current 1 1/2" belt fit, these belts will fit. If you have suit pants designed for 1 1/4" belts, our 1 1/2" material will most likely not fit.


  • What if I am smaller/bigger than the current size chart?

Email CarbonTactics@215Gear.com for a custom quote, or use the Contact Us Tab on the site.


  • Are these belts in stock?

Due to the infinite variations of color and buckle options, these items are manufactured at time of sale.


  • Can I upgrade my belt material later?

Yes. We plan to offer a material upgrade option, at a later time. Until then, use the Contact Us and we will quote you for the upgrade.


  • What if I purchase the wrong size belt?

We go out of our way to ensure you measure correctly prior to purchasing. Because of the infinite variations, we manufacture these belts at time of sale. We reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee, due to incorrect purchasing.