Belt Sizing

Belt Sizing Notes

In order to make sure you get the exact size you need, I've created a sizing chart to reference.

"Waist Size" is the distance around your waist, as measured through the belt loops of your pants. Note that your "waist size" is usually slightly larger than your pants size, partly because the belt has to wrap around your pants in addition to your waist, and partly because most pants are trying to make you feel a bit skinnier than you may actually be! All belts will be made longer than your waist size, to provide room for adjustment.

For double layer belts, the sizing is most critical. MEASURE YOUR WAIST WITH A TAPE MEASURE, THROUGH THE BELT LOOPS if you are unsure, and reference the WAIST SIZE column of the chart below.

If the sizing chart does not go small or large enough for you, just leave me a note, and we'll happily make a custom size for you. You can also send me a message if you have any questions.

Sizing Chart