Epoch featured in "No Time to Die"

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We've been fortunate enough to show up in magazines and blog posts, but now we've hit the big screen! Our Epoch and Quicky buckles are worn by James Bond and Nomi in the upcoming James Bond film, "No Time To Die".

Seeing our belt worn by 007 is a dream come true. Seeing it worn by the new 00 is more than we ever could have imagined, and we are so very grateful for the opportunity. We've always thought our quick-release buckles would look great on the super spies of the world, but now it's confirmed. James Bond and Nomi absolutely rock their Carbon Tactics buckles. 

To any costume designers out there, we would love to be on your next design! Shoot us an email at: sales@carbontactics.com

If you'd like to have your own piece of 007 history, the Carbon Tactics belts can be found at the links below. 

Epochs used in Bond's drop leg holster:


Magnetic Quicky Buckles used on Nomi's shoulder straps:


If you see our buckles show up anywhere else in No Time To Die, or in any other movies or TV shows, let us know!

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