CobraStrap - Single Layer EDC Belt
CobraStrap - Single Layer EDC Belt
$ 70.00

CobraStrap - Single Layer EDC Belt

Please Note: Please allow 1-2 business days for your belt to be manufactured and shipped out.

AustriAlpin's quick-release Cobra Buckle has an estimated breaking strength of 2000 pounds (9KN). You don't NEED that kind of strength to hold your pants up, but why not err on the side of caution? The CobraStrap can be worn as a standard belt for every day carry, a gun belt, or just use it as a makeshift sling. It's infinitely adjustable for a perfect fit, and it won't loosen on its own, so your pants stay put.

Unlike some other tactical belts, we leave out the velcro, the bulky D-ring, or any other unnecessary add-on that would compromise comfort or the ability to adjust it quickly.  We also use a slightly thinner 1.5" nylon strap instead of 1.75".  That means you can wear it with any pair of pants with standard belt loops.

Made in Tucson, AZ with the trusted Cobra Buckle made by AustriAlpin.

Please Note: This belt is not rated for safety, climbing, or any high-load bearing applications.  It is the responsibility of the user to independently determine the suitability of this product for any given application. More specifically, the belt is intended to hold up your pants.


  • Carbon Tactics
  • Material, buckle: Aerospace Grade 7075 Aluminum, Black Powder-Coated
  • Material, strap: Resin-Treated Nylon
  • 1.5” Wide Tactical Webbing
  • Length: Regular 52 in (up to 38 inch waist), Large 62in (up to 48 inch waist), or XLarge 72 in (up to 58 inch waist)
  • Made in USA

Sizing Chart

Regular - 52" total length, suitable for waist size up to 38"

Large - 62" total length, suitable for waist size up to 48"

Extra Large - 72" total length, suitable for waist size up to 58"