Cinchy - Carbon Fiber EDC Belt
$ 60.00

Cinchy - Carbon Fiber EDC Belt


Cinchy is designed to hold your pants up, in style.  We took the original Cinchy and made it stronger, sleeker, and easier to use.

Cinchy with Coyote Brown Tactical Webbing


Cinchy's buckle is 100% aerospace-grade carbon fiber, and the belt strap is made from your choice of high quality BioThane, Tactical Nylon, or Standard Nylon webbing. The complete lack of metal means you can breeze through metal detectors without having to remove your belt.

Cinchy 2.0 with BioThane Webbing

Cinchy is for men. Cinchy is for women. It's for everyone that just wants a simple non-compromising belt that looks good, feels good, and does what it's supposed to do.

 Cinchy lets you adjust your belt to the optimum snugness, and keeps it there all day.  Simply thread the strap in and out, and it locks in place.  

Unlike the original Cinchy (version 1), there's no need to double-back the webbing, and all edges are chamfered so that the strap feeds smoothly without snagging or fraying.  In addition, Cinchy is now twice as thick as the original Cinchy (1/8 inch thick instead of 1/16 inch).

Simple Adjustment

It's easy to adjust and won't loosen until you're ready to take it off.  We un-scientifically tested it by pulling a big truck with a tiny car.  Both car and belt survived, so we call that a success.

 Pants are heavy enough. Cinchy is light! It's so comfortable you might forget you're wearing a belt at all. We will make sure it fits perfectly, based on the waist measurement that you provide us (in the survey at the end of the campaign). We can cut the belt to length and heat-seal the end, or you can order it extra long and trim it yourself at home.


BioThane Strap

A classic black leather look with superior strength, durability and ease of cleaning.  For more information about the amazing material that is BioThane, check out their website

BioThane Strap (only available in black)

Tactical Nylon Strap

The Tactical Nylon results in greater rigidity, better suited for carrying gear such as a holstered firearm etc.  Color options are Black and Coyote Brown.

Tactical Webbing (Black, Coyote Brown)


The carbon fiber buckles are machined in-house on our 3-axis CNC mill. Then we just sew the strap on and your belt is ready to go!

CNC Machining

Every belt is sewn in-house on one of our Juki DNU-1541 industrial sewing machines. We may not be as fast (or cheap) as a factory overseas, but this way we can place every stitch exactly where it needs to go.

Please Note: This belt is not rated for safety, climbing, or any high-load bearing applications.  It is the responsibility of the user to independently determine the suitability of this product for any given application.


  • Carbon Tactics
  • Material, buckle: Carbon Fiber
  • Material, strap: Resin-Treated Nylon
  • 1.5” Wide Webbing
  • Length: Regular 52 in (up to 38 inch waist), Large 62in (up to 48 inch waist), or XLarge 72 in (up to 58 inch waist)
  • Made in USA


    Measure the circumference of your waist (Waist Size) through the belt loops of your pants. This is your Waist Size, which is usually a few inches greater than the size marked on your pants. If in doubt, measure your waist with a tape measure! This will ensure you get the right size. All measurements are in inches.

    Belt Sizing