$ 95.00


In a collaboration with Massdrop, we've developed the all-new BadgerCache, the billet-aluminum box designed to securely house your EDC gear. 
The Badgercache can handle anything you throw at it. With 6061-T6 aluminum and four sets of neodymium magnets (5 pounds of pressure each), any item you decide to house within the Badgercache is sure it be safe and secure. Like our Badgerstrap, the Badgercache will function under almost any circumstances. Lightweight, at only 13 ounces, its still rugged and manly. 


Clear "Silver" Anodized - Plain
clear bbadgercache
Clear "Silver" Anodized - Hex
clear hex badgercache
Clear "Silver" Anodized - Cube
*Image to come*
Black Anodized - Plain
black plain badgercache
Black Anodized - Hex 
Badgercache hex - Black Anodized
Black Anodized - Cube
Black Badgercache - cube
Copper Anodized - Plain
Badgercache copper - plain
Copper Anodized - Hex
Badgercache Copper - Hex
Badgercache Copper - Square
*Picture to come*
Badgercache Green - Plain
Green BadgerCache