Aluminum Ti Hook
Aluminum Ti Hook
Aluminum Ti Hook
Aluminum Ti Hook
Aluminum Ti Hook
Aluminum Ti Hook
Aluminum Ti Hook
Aluminum Ti Hook
Aluminum Ti Hook
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Aluminum Ti Hook


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Ti Hook - The EDC Belt you never knew you NEEDED

Ti Hook main pic

Ti Hook is our 9th edition to the Carbon Tactics line, and it's the culmination of our search for the perfect hassle-free load-bearing tactical belt.

In our humble opinion, what makes for the perfect belt?

  • Quick-Release: Hook or unhook in less than a second, without affecting the size adjustment.
  • Infinitely Adjustable: No holes, no ratchets, and no plastic parts to break at the worst possible moment. Just a simple but secure friction lock mechanism.
  • Curved Lay-Flat Buckle: 
    Gently curved to conform to your waist. No bulge + no tail = max comfort
  • Threads through standard belt loops: 
    Change pants without having to remove the buckle or re-adjust the strap.
  • Field-Swappable Buckles/Straps: Mix and match for the day at hand.
  • Wearable Anywhere: 
    Sleek, comfortable, and looks awesome - in an understated kind of way.
  • Tactical Nylon Webbing: 
    Woven in the USA, it's simply the best, most supportive webbing we could find.
  • USA Made: Machining, bending, finishing, sewing, and shipping - all done under one roof by a small group of seasoned perfectionists.
  • Customer Service: Wait, what? Unheard of! We stand behind our products. This is our 9th rodeo on Kickstarter, and we want there to be a 10th. We just treat people the way we'd want to be treated.


How it Works

Unlike most belts, the strap and buckle are completely modular, so you can separate and remix them at any time. Just pick out the strap and buckle combo you want for the day. Then thread the strap in and out, like so.

Threading Ti Hook

Thread the looped end of the nylon strap through your belt loops and around your waist. 

threading belt

Adjust for fit, and hook in. The extra webbing naturally tucks under for a streamlined comfortable fit, while the gently curved buckle lays flat against your waist. The fit is SECURE, because utility is just as important as comfort.

threading  belt

Need to expediently drop your drawers? (We don't need to know why.) Just unhook, and you're good to go. Done with wearing a belt altogether? After unhooking, grab the belt firmly, and for dramatic effect, rip it off as fast as you can! The buckle stays adjusted to you, so there's no need to re-adjust when you need put it back on.

Black Hook

Clear Hook

Copper Hook

Single-Layer Straps

For typical every day use, or for carrying a modest amount of gear on your belt, the single-layer strap is perfect.

3 belts stacked


BioThane Strap

A classic black leather look with superior strength, durability and ease of cleaning. For more information about the amazing material that is BioThane, check out the BioThane website. The BioThane strap is less stiff than the nylon, so if you want to carry some gear, be sure to still grab a nylon strap as well.

biothane collage pics




Doing it Right: IN AMERICA!!!

Ti Hook is manufactured in Tucson, AZ by the creator's company, Sargent Research, LLC. This isn't the cheapest way to make a belt, but it gives us complete freedom and control.

machining ti hooks

Sewn under the same roof: Some people think you can't manufacture apparel in the USA anymore. We enjoy proving those people wrong :)

sewn double layer belt

Color Options

Black on Black

Black on BlackBlack on Grey

Black on GreyBlack on BrownBlack on Coyote Brown

Natural on Black Natural on BlackNatural on Black

Natural on Grey

Natural on Brown

Natural on Brown

Copper on Black

Copper on Black

Copper on Grey

Copper on Grey

Copper on Brown

Copper on Brown

Help us support YOU (and your pants, and other gear)

CNC machining is expensive, especially when you're dealing with titanium. Doing it in America and holding ourselves to the highest standard of quality isn't cheap either, but we want to make the Ti Hook available to everyone. The only way to bring the cost down is to manufacture parts in large batches, and we hope your support will enable us to keep producing dependable products.


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