Quicky - Magnetic EDC Belt
Quicky - Magnetic EDC Belt
Quicky - Magnetic EDC Belt
Quicky - Magnetic EDC Belt
Quicky - Magnetic EDC Belt
Quicky - Magnetic EDC Belt
$ 60.00

Quicky - Magnetic EDC Belt

Quicky is the magnetic belt that latches itself. Infinitely adjustable and ridiculously quick to remove, the patent-pending design looks great in the office, on the trail, or in the air. 

Designed to be used and abused:

  • Adjusts fast for a perfect fit and doesn't slip.
  • Latches itself and stays latched until you're ready to drop your pants.
  • Quickly releases for rapid pants extraction.
  • Strong enough to lift a motorcycle, it's unquestionably overbuilt.
  • Two ways to wear it: tail-less or classic

not magic, just magnets 


We're all familiar with the traditional leather belt that hasn't changed since dinosaurs roamed the earth. It's a good solution, but it's not the BEST solution. A few months ago, I decided that I don't have time for that ancient technology anymore. I just wanted a belt that would:

  • Snap apart instantly the very moment I needed to escape my pants.
  • Snap right back together without making me adjust the fit or snugness of the strap again.
  • Look like a regular belt so that I coud wear it with anything.
  • Adjust simply and discreetly should I eat too much at dinner or just feel like letting loose a bit.

Is that asking so much? Also, I wanted it to be way overbuilt so that it would last a very long time. After sketching concepts for a couple days, I settled on a locking mechanism using neodymium magnets and an interlocking male/female buckle combination machined from aluminum.

Buckle Assembly

To get a slimmer, more streamlined rectangular profile, I incorporated a sliding-post adjustment mechanism which is permanently retained inside the male buckle. That sliding post makes for a super-smooth adjustment, and it just works. The greater the load on the strap, the tighter the post grips, so there is no slippage.

CAD Models



It took a few iterations of 3D printing and CNC machining to get the design just right, but it was worth the effort. The mechanical latching/unlatching action feels just oh-so-nice.  The male side seats securely into a recess of the female side, locking the two pieces together so that Quicky can't release before you're ready.

Making Prototypes

CNC Machining

To get a Quicky, you start with a block of aluminum and cut away everything that doesn't look like a Quicky. While this production method is relatively expensive, I feel it's worth it to get a quality part made from strong material.

CNC Machining Undercuts


Natural Type II Anodized

Natural Anodized Buckle, Black Nylon Strap

Black Hard Anodized (Type III, Class 2)