About Us

We are a small team of engineers and designers brought together by the aerospace industry. Our goal is to use our expertise in designing with carbon fiber and other aerospace materials to make lifestyle products that are long lasting, good looking, and environmentally responsible: 

Long Lasting
Our carbon fiber is aerospace-grade, intermediate modulus, and based on a PAN precursor.   In short, it’s the good stuff.

Good Looking
We believe the items we design should feel good to use every day.  The simplest design usually works best, and we think simple looks good.

Environmentally Responsible
We design products to make efficient use of materials and resources.  We believe in making products that last a really long time, even though that means they cost more.

Carbon Tactics is a brand of Sargent Research, LLC.  We live and play in Tucson, AZ.  Michael Sargent founded the business in 2010, and we have been making the Carbon Tactics product line since mid-2013.